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Real Black Housewives Of LA 3

Real Black Housewives Of LA 3 On
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5 New scenes!

Evanni gets caught screwing a married man & the drama explodes when his wife's plan backfires & she's left to watch Evanni take it up the ass.

The boss is always right and has the right, to screws anyone in the office he pleases. Even his nagging wife's friend.

Ivy Sherwood hates her husband's friend but not as much as she hates her husband. When he leaves her with his friend, she orders a dick down & a huge blast to the face along with it.

Keeping it in the family took on a whole new meaning when Sophia asked her brother-in-law to give her some of that good dick her sister gets.

A huge husband & wife fight gets broken up when the brother-in-law & his 12" dick come to the rescue. Isn't family great?

Released:May 23, 2014
Length:2 hrs. 21 mins.

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